Monday, March 23, 2009

Space Cadet

Monday evening - in LabView class - dozing off as usual. I have been really spacey lately, it probably somehow goes back to my compulsive drinking. This weekend was looney, here are the details in staccato (feel free to snap in rhythm as you read): Craig's List flakes wasted my time . Pitt wins in two stupidly close games . Fuel and Fuddle . Absinthe . Carter and Bonasso . Bootlegger's . Drunk driving with Craig . Howler's . Pabst . last call . Saturday hangover . More Craig's List flakes standing me up . Chipotle . Sitting in my lab twiddling my thumbs . red wine . Brillobox . standup comedy . Dallas and LP bail early . HaNeRz (blackout, overly confident version of me) . Stoopid . last call . Hitching a ride from a comic . late night wardrobe malfunction . Sunday hangover ...

What am I? 19? I should be able to handle myself better by now. Eh well, I'd say it was worth the memories but there's very few of those.

Let's switch gears... Isn't that a good cliche? I love commonplace phrases...

Some phrases I really like:
"The squeaky wheel gets the grease" - haha, be annoying and get your way!
"I need to blow off steam" - gives me a fun characture picture of me as a teapot
"Use it or lose it" - applies to just about everything (except body fat)

Some phrases I don't get:
"Held with kid gloves"
"Thanks, but no thanks"
"Bite the dust"
"Go for broke"

Comments??? I can't post a song right now cause I'm in the BIOE lab and everything is blocked cause they think its porn.

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TakeWrning said...

if not memories, at least you have good pics, right?
I'm pretty sure that even if you drink the smallest bit of absinthe, things don't properly connect for a few days...
Or if you have a lot right before bed, you can have terrifying nightmare that make you literally jump out of bed screaming, and feeling like your dead after. Or so I was witness to a few nights ago...

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