Thursday, March 26, 2009

If I was a bum...

First of all, damn you all for not telling me it was my 50th blog yesterday! I missed it! Now I have to wait till the centennial.

Over the last day, I found many ways I could benefit from being homeless. Let me rephrase that, I could benefit IF i was homeless. And by many, I mean two.

1. I went to Wendy's for a twisted frosty last night (chocolate and oreo) and as i was ordering I dropped my quarter but was like, "eh, forget it, here's another dollar." I looked down tho to see where my quarter fell and there was like $6 worth of change down there!!! Attention all hobo's get to scrounging at the local fast foodery!

2. As I was waiting for the 54sizzle today I was reading the headline of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette through the little newspaper trap. A guy came to buy one and he dropped in his 50 cents and as he opened the door of the newspaper iron maiden, I saw that there were like 50 in there for the taking! If I was homeless I would deposit 50 cents, take all the papers and sell them for a quarter! I know this is illegal and really effed up, but I think if I was homeless I wouldn't care about that so much.

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Craig said...

Follow up - did you pick up the change at Wendys???

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