Friday, March 13, 2009

Goals. Goals. Goals.

Yesterday was like a black hole of productivity. The only good thing that happened occurred to me around 11:30 and I think I may have just invented the next big thing... stay tuned for more details.

Today I HAVE GOT to get my work done. Here are my goals:

0. Make coffee
1. Finish Cell Bio take home midterm
2. Write up project proposals for both LabView class and Cardiovascular Modeling
3. Create a custom ringtone

I made coffee the zeroth law of today. So I better get on that, I'm already behind.

Enjoy today's song choice, it's a lovely little ballad from Band of Horses - no ones gonna love you. I think its my lucky song for today cause it came on my jPod while I was driving into the parking garage where I have no permit for but still park in everyday because the entrance arm is broken and I saw repairmen trying to fix it but when I walked past them I overheard one say, this is going to take more than what we brought today. YES! Another day of free parking!!

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