Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Summer-like weather has fallen upon the great city of Pittsburgh and that's reason to celebrate!! I picked G.Love - Holla to get you in the summer mood and also inspire you to come to the concert with me next week! But anyway, summer means many things to me and I will *spell* them out for you in this elementary school exercise:

S - shoes! I finally get to wear my summer shoes, which are basically my winter shoes without socks! Today for example, I am wearing a very faboosh pair of black shoes that Craig bought for me 2 years ago. I've gotten 2 compliments and saw many people look at them, so I know it's the real deal. My toes are bleeding, however, and I did a minor Tokyo drift when turning the corner at work because they are slippery as hell.

U - University move-outs! Yayyyy! Finally all the annoying young kids leave the city! And when they depart, they leave all sorts of cool stuff for me to buy or take. Also this means the busses become less crowded which always pleases this girl!

M - Movies in the park. Love it! Love the idea: picnic with entertainment and beer.

M - My bike! Well this doesn't make me too happy since last time I took Connie out in the summer, this was the result:

But I'm still looking forward to riding around with Craig every now and then and putting the old hunk-o-junk to work. I can't believe I haven't talked about Connie more on my blog. Amazingly fantastic stories have come out of that bike. Did I mention I built it? If you know anything about my engineering skills you know this thing is a death trap. More to come...

E - Everyone comes out in the summer! Prepare for the return of the Bus Crazies, they all come back out in the summer.

R - Reading! Gotta start up that book club again. I guess I'll consider having more that 2 people in my club this time around. Here are some books I want to read:
- Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
- 1984 by George Orwell (read it once and hated it, I'd like to try again)
- The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart (about a guy who lives his life by the roll of a die)

What does summer mean to you??

Friday, March 27, 2009

Where oh where is summer?

It's supposed to snow tomorrow...

In hopes of summer, I have added a song by my favorite summertime band, The Replacements. Enjoy... The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait

Thursday, March 26, 2009

If I was a bum...

First of all, damn you all for not telling me it was my 50th blog yesterday! I missed it! Now I have to wait till the centennial.

Over the last day, I found many ways I could benefit from being homeless. Let me rephrase that, I could benefit IF i was homeless. And by many, I mean two.

1. I went to Wendy's for a twisted frosty last night (chocolate and oreo) and as i was ordering I dropped my quarter but was like, "eh, forget it, here's another dollar." I looked down tho to see where my quarter fell and there was like $6 worth of change down there!!! Attention all hobo's get to scrounging at the local fast foodery!

2. As I was waiting for the 54sizzle today I was reading the headline of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette through the little newspaper trap. A guy came to buy one and he dropped in his 50 cents and as he opened the door of the newspaper iron maiden, I saw that there were like 50 in there for the taking! If I was homeless I would deposit 50 cents, take all the papers and sell them for a quarter! I know this is illegal and really effed up, but I think if I was homeless I wouldn't care about that so much.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mouse Trap

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hate to spoil my pristine self-image of cleanliness and class but here's the truth.... I HAVE MICE!!!! Craig and I found mice (not a mouse) in our house today. Oh god, I'm getting the J-naus just thinking about it.

Here's what happened, a couple weeks ago when we took out the garbage (yea we're bad about that) I noticed a little hole in the bottom of the bag but didn't think too much of it since our Giant Eagle trash bags cost 29 cents for 100 so I couldn't imagine them being high quality. I also noticed some little black specks on the floor and showed Craig but we both agreed it was coffee grinds and i vacuumed em up and that was the end of it. We both acknowledged that it COULD be mice but just didn't want to accept that so, like other household problems, we just ignored it!

We took the trash out last night and didn't replace the bag in the kitchen trash can. When Craig went downstairs this morning to put the bag in, I just heard a high pitched squeal from him with some whimpers and tears. Haha no, just kidding, he was like, "Hanerz get down here, I found our mouse!"

Well, there were actually 2, see em? Frankly, I am perplexed and impressed as to how they got in there! Can mice climb walls? There was nothing near the trash can for them to climb up on. Here are my theories:

1. There's a hole in the bottom of the trash can. I don't think this is the answer because after Craig and I let the miceys (which were actually kinda cute) outside we filled the trash can with soap and bleach and no liquid ran out the bottom.

2. The mice kamakazi'd from the counter top into the can. This is sorta more likely except then I don't know how they got up on the counter? Unless maybe the mouse hole is higher in the wall? But after we let them outside, we watched them run around and the one got to the top of another houses cellar steps (ha-hah) and was afraid to jump down so what the hell? If it's a scaredy mouse how did it jump into my can?

3. They can climb walls. This seems to be the only answer and frankly, it scares the shit out of me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Space Cadet

Monday evening - in LabView class - dozing off as usual. I have been really spacey lately, it probably somehow goes back to my compulsive drinking. This weekend was looney, here are the details in staccato (feel free to snap in rhythm as you read): Craig's List flakes wasted my time . Pitt wins in two stupidly close games . Fuel and Fuddle . Absinthe . Carter and Bonasso . Bootlegger's . Drunk driving with Craig . Howler's . Pabst . last call . Saturday hangover . More Craig's List flakes standing me up . Chipotle . Sitting in my lab twiddling my thumbs . red wine . Brillobox . standup comedy . Dallas and LP bail early . HaNeRz (blackout, overly confident version of me) . Stoopid . last call . Hitching a ride from a comic . late night wardrobe malfunction . Sunday hangover ...

What am I? 19? I should be able to handle myself better by now. Eh well, I'd say it was worth the memories but there's very few of those.

Let's switch gears... Isn't that a good cliche? I love commonplace phrases...

Some phrases I really like:
"The squeaky wheel gets the grease" - haha, be annoying and get your way!
"I need to blow off steam" - gives me a fun characture picture of me as a teapot
"Use it or lose it" - applies to just about everything (except body fat)

Some phrases I don't get:
"Held with kid gloves"
"Thanks, but no thanks"
"Bite the dust"
"Go for broke"

Comments??? I can't post a song right now cause I'm in the BIOE lab and everything is blocked cause they think its porn.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sex in the media makes me smile

Headline of Note in the Pitt News today:

Background - it's an article discussing the government's attempt to lower birth control pill prices and the amazingly appropriate title is....


haha, yes!

So in honor of blatantly obvious sexual innuendos today's song is Brazilian Girls - Pussy

(Oh PS. my awesome daily playlist is growing and you may need to scroll down to see/hear the S.O.T.D.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mac is Back is the Ack Ack Pack

Has anyone ever played Fusion Frenzy for XBox? I love that game and I wish they had it for PS3. Anywho, that's were my title today comes from, if you were wondering. But also, my title reflects the glorious happenstance that my Mac has returned from repair!!!

He was probably so sad to come home. Fat Crook Joe (my nickname for my Mac Book Pro) was probably loving all the attention he was getting from trendy Emo-haired Mac techs. I bet they laid him down in sheets of linen, like the tiny dancer he is. But none the less, he's back and better than ever.

Buying AppleCare was the best use of $300 on top of the $100,000 I had to put into this computer. I have been able to replace the following free of cost:

1. Disk writer (after burning many many Netflix DVDs)
2. Battery (after overheating to the point of buckling)
3. Top case (after oilifying the mouse pad with my greasy fingers to the point of disfunction)

But yay! Good as new!

Song today is an oldie but a goodie - Gorillaz - Last Living Souls

Monday, March 16, 2009

The People vs. Sodexho

So really, WTF is up with the attitudes of Sodexho workers? I get it, you have to deal with snot face college kids all day everyday, but so do I!! And I'm not being a big ole biotch.

Obviously I had an altercation this afternoon with a deadbeat-good-for-nothing Sodexho employee. For those of you who aren't aware, high schools and universities hire employees from this food company Sodexho to work cafeterias and coffee stands and such. These people act like I'm asking them to perform freaking nuclear fission while standing on their heads when I'm just asking where the hell I can get a coffee stirrer. Jesus.

There's no better way to ruin a cold, stale cup of coffee then serve it with a side of unnecessary tude. When I was in San Francisco last week, we ate a restaurant that doubled as a half-way house for reverted criminals (probably from Alcatraz) to learn how to get back into the workforce. They were our servers and they were as sweet as day. Not a negative quip once, so WTF is wrong with Sodexho?!?

Anywayyyyy, song today - Joe Strummer - Coma Girl


Sunday, March 15, 2009


I had to send in my Mac for repair. Devastating. Actually its kind of liberating. I have done NOTHING productive all weekend, simply because I can't! I have no means! So instead I fixed my hunk o' junk bike (named Connie) and rode with Craig to some St. Patty's festivities downtown. We flasked some Absinthe and had a couple beers then went to linner (lunch+dinner) with Micky and her college cronies. Now I know how John and Patrice must feel when they hang out with us little kids.

Today I plan to finish a blanket I started my freshmen year of college and hang outside in the nice weather. I kinda hope my computer never comes back :-)

Enjoy today's song: Scissor Sisters - Better Luck

Friday, March 13, 2009

Goals. Goals. Goals.

Yesterday was like a black hole of productivity. The only good thing that happened occurred to me around 11:30 and I think I may have just invented the next big thing... stay tuned for more details.

Today I HAVE GOT to get my work done. Here are my goals:

0. Make coffee
1. Finish Cell Bio take home midterm
2. Write up project proposals for both LabView class and Cardiovascular Modeling
3. Create a custom ringtone

I made coffee the zeroth law of today. So I better get on that, I'm already behind.

Enjoy today's song choice, it's a lovely little ballad from Band of Horses - no ones gonna love you. I think its my lucky song for today cause it came on my jPod while I was driving into the parking garage where I have no permit for but still park in everyday because the entrance arm is broken and I saw repairmen trying to fix it but when I walked past them I overheard one say, this is going to take more than what we brought today. YES! Another day of free parking!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Gadget

I added a daily playlist to my Blizzog on the right. Check it out and comment. It's still kinda kinky, meaning I gotta work some stuff out. But stay tuned (iTuned, that is) I'm going to add 1 song everyday for a month and then start a new list. Yay, so all of you can hear many many of my favorite songs based on my mood and such.

;-) Enjoy my March Madness playlist!

Today I added The Black Keys - Act Nice and Gentle because I have NOOOO motivation at all today but I actually got a lot done when I was listening to their album, so Yay!

Recent Updates in a Run-On Sentence

I got home on Tuesday night and didn't feel jet lagged but woke up at 11:30 on Wednesday morning so the day kinda led on from there, Craig and I ran errands and he ended up buying a really sweet bike (I looked at some too and I really liked this one, I even had the store order it for me, but I don't think I can afford it) and I got nothing at all done with my day, but that's okay cause its spring break after all and I will do work for the rest of the week.

I got a parking ticket on Thursday morning.

My Mac is being a big idiot and I have to mail it in so I won't have a computer for 7-10 days which is like apocolyptic because I won't get to blog or watch amazing You Tube videos like these (courtesy of Patrice and John):

My YouTube Playlist of the Minute