Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mouse Trap

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hate to spoil my pristine self-image of cleanliness and class but here's the truth.... I HAVE MICE!!!! Craig and I found mice (not a mouse) in our house today. Oh god, I'm getting the J-naus just thinking about it.

Here's what happened, a couple weeks ago when we took out the garbage (yea we're bad about that) I noticed a little hole in the bottom of the bag but didn't think too much of it since our Giant Eagle trash bags cost 29 cents for 100 so I couldn't imagine them being high quality. I also noticed some little black specks on the floor and showed Craig but we both agreed it was coffee grinds and i vacuumed em up and that was the end of it. We both acknowledged that it COULD be mice but just didn't want to accept that so, like other household problems, we just ignored it!

We took the trash out last night and didn't replace the bag in the kitchen trash can. When Craig went downstairs this morning to put the bag in, I just heard a high pitched squeal from him with some whimpers and tears. Haha no, just kidding, he was like, "Hanerz get down here, I found our mouse!"

Well, there were actually 2, see em? Frankly, I am perplexed and impressed as to how they got in there! Can mice climb walls? There was nothing near the trash can for them to climb up on. Here are my theories:

1. There's a hole in the bottom of the trash can. I don't think this is the answer because after Craig and I let the miceys (which were actually kinda cute) outside we filled the trash can with soap and bleach and no liquid ran out the bottom.

2. The mice kamakazi'd from the counter top into the can. This is sorta more likely except then I don't know how they got up on the counter? Unless maybe the mouse hole is higher in the wall? But after we let them outside, we watched them run around and the one got to the top of another houses cellar steps (ha-hah) and was afraid to jump down so what the hell? If it's a scaredy mouse how did it jump into my can?

3. They can climb walls. This seems to be the only answer and frankly, it scares the shit out of me.


Jonathan said...

Maybe they hitched a ride on something you threw in there. The hole in the bag was actually them crawling OUT of the bag!

C said...

the sticky mousetraps work pretty well.

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