Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magic Trick (1 out of the 31)

I was starting to panic when it was 9pm and I still hadn't completed one of my 31 March goals. Luckily it was Tuesday and that's the night Micky and I go to karaoke. So I figured since I already bring my awesome voice to the bar, I might as well bring along a magic trick too, to further wow the clientele.

So I took to the internet and learned this little bar-pleaser:

I set a dollar on top of a beer bottle and top it with 4 quarters, then I say to some bar rat, "Hey do you think I can get this dollar out from under these quarters using only one finger??" To which drunk yinzer replies, "No way!! I'll bet ya $50 ya can't!" >>no money every changed hands<< Then I do this:

So ya know, it's an ok trick. Nothing to call Criss Angel about.

Had I been recording for longer, you would have been able to see me make that beer disappear...

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