Monday, February 28, 2011


So if it's true that 30 days has September, April, June, and November, than that must mean that March has 31 days. 31 days. That's a good chunk of time to accomplish lots of things. However if I think back on the last 31 days, and the 31 before that, I realize I haven't completed entirely too many noteworthy accomplishments... key word: noteworthy, something I can be proud of for myself.

Hence, I am starting a 31 day challenge for myself (and I hope to inspire yinz to try something similar). I composed a list of 31 things that I would be proud of myself for, with the intention of checking one off the list every day. These aren't big things, and this is by no means a bucket list since I hope not to die in the next 31 days. I'll blog daily blurbs to let you know how it's going and to hold some accountability for myself.

Without further ado, here's the dirty thirty (one), in no particular order:

Watch a black and white movie
Volunteer somewhere
Call a friend and talk for more than an hour
Read the New York Times from cover to cover
Write and mail a letter to my Grammy
Do something manly
Do something girly
Go see a new local band
Start a new artistic project
Go through all of my clothes and give away what I don't wear
Update the HTML code of my blog
Cook something challenging
Explore a new Pittsburgh neighborhood, on foot (or bike)

... damn, 31 is a lot ...

Sketch a self-portrait (ugh)
Play a game of real, non-computer chess with a real, non-computer person
Buy a new CD, from a record store
Have a slumber party with my best friends from home
Have one internet-free day (iPhone included, notifications allowed)
Read a short story in an entirely new genre
Eat a new food for every meal one day
Get my favorite pictures printed and make a physical album
Watch "The Big Lebowski" (never saw it)
See a local play
Play an outdoor sport
Have a drink (or two) with my mom
Learn something new from my stepdad
Learn a magic trick
Sell something on Ebay (never did this before and I don't need my iPod no mo')
Skype with someone >500 miles away
Go on a hike
Learn how to count to 31 in 5 languages... why not?!

Bahh, I kinda regret this already. It's going to be a busy month. Bring it.


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