Monday, February 21, 2011

Method Audience

You may be familiar with method acting. It's when performers completely envelop themselves into the role they have taken on to bring a very real and believable portrayal. One big time method actor is the always lovable and eloquent: Christian Bale.

Such a sweet guy

Other greats include Pacino, Daniel Day-Lewis, and my main man Robert De Niro.

I bring this up because like my peers that I just mentioned, I also envelop myself for movies... but as the viewer. Around 3 am this morning as I was finishing "Shutter Island" during a particularly slow night at the hospital, I came to terms with the fact that the movie had made me a conspiracy theorist (and perhaps a manic). And I got to thinking... every time I watch a good movie it completely consumes me for about a month. Happened with Inception last month - I read articles online, I referenced it in conversation several times a day, I drew out elaborate diagrams to address hidden movie themes (this is where the manic part comes in). And I wanted to remember the first time I let this happen. And I think it was with "The Deer Hunter". I saw this for the first time about 3 years ago (it's actually what started my De Niro kick), and I didn't sleep, I just thought about it, and went over the situations in my head and put myself in it:

I plan on watching "The Deer Hunter" after I finish this post

But it's not just movies, I did it with "Lost" too. Granted I did watch the entire 6 seasons in a two month span. I talked to John Locke in my dreams and hallucinated the Smoke Monster as I crossed the Birmingham Bridge. Going on my family vacation to Aruba was probably the worst way to get over my obsession. Things just seemed off on that island...

Well I guess it wasn't all bad...

Bwahaha! I had to, I miss Sawyer.

I suppose I just have an addictive personality, or mild to moderate delusional tendencies.


Meg-a Bites said...

1) I love Shutter Island and also went a little crazy for a couple hours/days after
2) mmmmmmm Christian Bale. not sure if I love him more as a singing newspaper orphan, an emaciated insomniac, a superhero, or a psychotic banker. And not sure what that says about me, either. haha

yeah yeah, maybe he's a little off... talent is sexy, people!

Meg-a Bites said...

Oh, and this just in. while he was amazing, he was certainly not at his hottest in the fighter. boo crack

Mhaney said...

gosh you are too much!

Jamie said...

Yea, Meg, I heard that if you do crack before watching movies people look uglier...


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