Monday, February 14, 2011

Who loves ya, baby?

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers! This is my first single Valentine's Day in a long while! And I don't hate it ;-) It's a lovely day in Pittsburgh and I actually woke up at a decent hour and had a nice breakfast. Life is sweet.

So let's address the large, pink-heart-clad elephant in the room. I realize I haven't blogged in over a fortnight. More like 10 fortnights (it means 14 days, I looked it up). Apologies, I needed inspiration and I have finally found it.

I realized that all I do is read other people's opinions, all day. Seriously, all day. Routine: Wake up, cook 2 eggs over-easy, two pieces of turkey bacon, and 2 pieces of wheat toast (I really do this every morning) all the while reading the latest stories on Then I get to work and read all of my RSS feeds (gossip blogs, music blogs, science blogs, blog blogs). Then I do some work, -break-, read some Facebook newsfeeds, more work, chain email with my friends. By this time there are new RSS feeds to read and so it goes.

So no wonder I have the "Who am I?" feelings and "Why am I here". It's because I haven't been in touch with my silly ole self in a long while. That's the deepest psychoanalysis I'll go into, ever, I promise.

So my solution to this dilemma has been that I keep a journal now. It's a dope moleskine journal identical to the one Hemingway kept. Not comparing myself to Ernie in the slightest, I'm sure the context of our entries differed immensely, but at least the covers are the same, ya know - for those who judge by that kind of thing.

Also, I have returned to the blogosphere. I will try to blog weekly and will also try to increase my followers (on twitter too - JamiePGH).

OK, now on to the content...


I'd like to pleasantly reflect on my great romantic loves. I dislike when people grow bitter about love lost and failed relationships. I loved being in love and I'm thankful for how I have grown from my guys! I have had 2 great romantic loves, totally different from each other but equally memorable. To protect the innocent, we'll use pseudonyms: "Foot" and "Chin" should suffice.

Anyway, when relationships expire... we take away memories, some so happy they make us sad. We take away advice on how to approach the next serious relationship. And probably most importantly, we take away jewelry.

From Foot: Not a wedding band, luckily. But Tiffany's ;-)

Chin: This set gets me more compliments than anything else

Freshwater pearls from Foot, love em

I'm not materialistic, this stuff means a lot to me, which is why I still treasure it! Lately my most valued piece of jewelry is a simple silver chain that I wear with everything. It came from a dear, dear friend who was cleaning out his mother's jewelry box after she passed away a few months ago. So I am thinking about my friend and all my other cherished loves today :-)

Love to my D.P.'s

So keep your head's up, my singlita's, life is swell! DO NOT watch P.S. I Love You today, don't do it to yourself! Watch Rocky I, II, and III, then go to bed. The end. And smile.

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