Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going slightly off course

I began this 31-day challenge with the intentions of bettering my self, expanding horizons, and feeling good about something everyday. However, I'm kind of starting to see it as a commitment (read: burden) and I'm actually looking for loopholes on these goals that I created. What's the psychology there?! Anyway, still going, here's a recap.

#5: eBay sucks. And pwinters4702 is a total chauch. I had my adorable little iPod touch up for $100 (bought it like 6 months ago for $250, then got the iPhone). This seller uses the BuyItNow option which I set for $150, send me their address WITHOUT making a payment. So I send them an invoice. Now pwinters4702 is no longer a registered user... Scam much?! Ugh, people are terrible.

Who wants this? Make me an offer.

#6: Wrote my grammy a letter. Still haven't mailed it... 1/2 completed?

#7: Internet free day. This was a total cheat on my part since I was at a conference on regenerative medicine and in meetings all day. Granted I could have read RSS feeds and tweets on my phone, but I opted for Angry Birds instead, no internet necessary!

#8: Read a short story. Now this one I am proud of. Though it wasn't NECESSARILY a new genre, it did make me feel good since my roommate had written it. She is a recovering bioengineer who has switched gears for creative writing. Her story was really entertaining. I read it while I was sitting bedside with one of our artificial heart patients in the ICU. I was so into this story I actually started telling the patient about it and I think it made both of our nights, actually. The genre was like futuristic nonfiction with a side of government conflict and Armageddon, oh and love. So, yea, I'd call that new to me. Two thumbs up.

#9: Big Lebowski. No loopholes taken here. I watched with my main Dude, Dallas, and we enjoyed all things associated with the Big Lebo. Including hangovers and a slew of new quotables.

Your name's Lebowski, Lebowski.

You're out of your element, Donnie

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Stephen said...

is this your homework larry? is this your homework larry?....we know its his homework walter!

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