Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still going!

I bet everyone thought I quit my 31 day challenge on day 3, but I didn't!! After I posted the video of that band on day 2, I realized my blog has issues (the YouTube video was all resized and hanging out all over the place like a big fat mess). Therefore I completed another goal of updating the HTML on JN! I'm digging it, too. I used this high tech new imaging software called "Windows Paint" to make the graphics. And I referenced back to my freshmen engineering HTML notes to change the sizes and text stuff. Anyway, I've reestablished that I'm a coding genius, so that's kinda cool.

Then on Friday, I started a new art project. You know how when people talk about creative writing they are always like, "write what you know"? So I figure the same goes with art directions and sketching, n'at. So I sat there for a couple minutes with my sketch pad and Ticonderoga thinking about what I know. And what I know these days is, unfortunately, rats. So here's what I came up with:

My studio (aka. the floor of my room)

The background was inspired by a short-axis transthoracic m-mode echocardiogram... Right. Back to the challenge.

Today I posted my 8GB iPod Touch on Ebay. No one has viewed it yet. I probably did something wrong. Ebay is surprisingly hard to use, it took me forever to figure out how to sell something and once I figured it out, it was no small feat to actually get it listed. Oh well, hopefully someone contacts me soon, cause I'm over Ebay.

Going to see Jimbo's band tonite in Sliberty. Enjoy the rain, muffins!

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