Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I see London, I see France

Hey duders,

I need to keep up with my blog more in the new year. Let's add it to the list of resolutions, k? K, done.

So I have been what some would call a "globetrotter" these past couple of weeks. It may seem frivolous the amount of time and money I have given up for these experiences, but the way I see it - I don't own an expensive car, fancy schmancy clothes, or an iPhone, so I think I can afford it. Plus my rent is dirt cheap and I'm living in 50 degree conditions.

Dec. 28th - Jan. 5th: London, England and Paris, France
This was a little tripsy to go see a very very dear friend. The kid jumped town after graduating from Pitt. We saw all the predictable sights (Parliament, Big Ben (Roethlisberger), Tower of London, London Bridge (terrible bridge), and the British Museum). Our pal was a great host and his Europop friends were awesome. We brought in the New Year at a chic bar called "Bedroom" with an Indian/Sex theme and the alcohol and champagne flowed like water. Needless to say, in typical Jamie fashion, I was running my mouth and making a fool of myself... how else to start a new year!? Flashback to last year:

Jamie: "Gary! Gary! Gary, you think I'm drunk! Give me an integral, I'll solve it!!
Gary (Craig's father): "I don't even know what an integral is, calm down."

Anyway, we stopped by Paris for 2 days and saw the Eiffler, Lourververevre (or however its spelled), Arc d'Triumph, Champs Elysees, and blurreee blauaau bleu (that's "blah, blah, blah" in a French accent). Paris was beautiful, but the people... kinda douche bags. Douche is french afterall, isn't it? Don't answer that. I don't care.

I rode the New York subway, the London Underground, the Paris Metro, and a Greyhound all in a matter of 6 days... WOW! Greyhound was the best, naturally. Have I ever shared my Greyhound experiences via blog??? We'll save that for a Jamie Neutron Exclusive.

And most recently, I just returned from fabulous Las Vegas with the siblings (minus Micky, the youngin' who is Barack-ing out in DC). We went to celebrate Alyssa's 21st, Carolyn's 30th, and James' 27th. Needless to say, it was a shitshow and I loved every minute of it. Vegas is phenomenal, I love it... the raunchiness, the desperation, the buffets. It's my happy place.

And how bout dem Stillers?? I made a bet with myself in Vegas (well actually I made a lot of bets, but this one is legit) that if the Eagles didn't clench this SuperBowl, which they didn't, I would officially become a PRIMARY Steelers fan.


Take a breath and listen to my logic -
1. I have been an Eagles fan for 22 years and NEVER seen a Super Bowl win
2. I know its not about winning, but let's face it, I'm tired of being let down
3. Any person would agree that when you've stopped getting enjoyment from a relationship, it's time to cut ties
4. I have lived in Pittsburgh for 6 years and will now see 2 Super Bowl games!
5. Plus I grew out of my McNabb jersey

So all I have to say is.... HERE WE GO, STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!


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I considered the options for JZadd's major (and ultimately went with marketing)...but I honestly thought he studied like Jewish heritage and stuff. We need to look further into this.

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