Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The End of the Beginning

OK, be warned, you are about to read a MeganBoerio-esque blog where I plan to pour my bleeding heart out on this digital canvas of sorrow. In my own witty, bullshit way of course.

I have come to realize that while all fun and fancy free life has been up to now, it's very very quickly approaching a change. And NO this is NOT THE CHANGE WE NEED!

A New Year's list -
People I love who may be leaving me soon:
1. Craig
2. LP
3. Vedururu
4. MeganBoerio

What the hell is to become of me?!? These people have made me, they are my besties, and now I'm without.

I know what you're thinking, "Ok, Lady Drama, chill out." Ok, I'll chill out. I mean, how exciting it's going to be to live alone and pay a full gas bill, and get a cat that I can talk to every night, and play Rock Band alone, and drink PBR alone in my living room with no furniture cause Craig took it all, and hang out with Dallas all the time (hehehe just kidding!)

Ugh, this is terrible. I'm going to Chipotle....

A song to lift my spirits: Easy/Lucky/Free by Bright Eyes:

"Honey, don't you weep...
Don't you weep...
There is nothing
as lucky,
as easy,
or free."


Christy said...

this makes me sad too :(

but I'll be here...and I'll play Rock Band with you. hehe

Meg-a Bites said...

I have a greater chance of not leaving, so don't worry too much about me.
And knowing you'd miss me so much makes up for making me sound like a depressing crazy in the first line... haha

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