Thursday, January 8, 2009

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where everything is just so annoying. Like every little thing plays on your last nerve. Well that's me today. I'm not grumpy or in a bad mood its just like "WTF" moments keep happening.

- My dumb ass MacBook was frozen for a day and a half and I could see things updating so it was alive, but I couldn't operate the mouse pad or keyboard. I took it to the Apple store and
- Got a parking pass valid for 1 hour but had to wait in line for 45 minutes and ended up getting a ticket. At least AppleCare covered the problem with my Book and they replaced the battery free of charge
- It wasn't really free though since I got that ticket.
- And did some interim shopping at Victoria's Secret.
- My house is freezing since Craig and I have resorted to corporal punishment to cut down on the gas bill, hence when I was enjoying my lunch of spaghetti, I got sauce all over my new scarf which was keeping me warm.
- I went to the library to rent a textbook so I could do my Stats HW without buying the book but it was checked out. Guess till when? APRIL.
- I had to come into Benedum to work on my homework since I don't want to spend $80 on the software I need, but of course the computer I chose to settle into (bring out all my supplies, plug in iPod, remove shoes) is the only PC that the program wasn't installed on
- I gathered my belongings and changed rooms, no biggie, but my dumb new backpack's velcro attached to my sweater and when I dropped my backpack it yanked my sweater and pulled my earbuds out and I wailed a silent yell.

All of these problems are resorting from my being cheap, I've noticed.

It's just lousy, ya know? But I'm still cheery for the most part. Oh, nice, there's a class in this room and I have to leave now. Wonderful.


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