Wednesday, October 29, 2008

State of Nausea

I feel nauseated at least once a day. Everyday. I know this isn't normal but I also know it isn't serious, it's just me. I never ACTUALLY vom, but the feeling is so strong and real and I often do wack things to calm myself down. Let me walk you through this:

What provokes my Jamie Nausea (J-Naus):
- the bus ride to and from the biotech center (very bumpy, very jerky)
- hurting myself (especially when its cold out, oh man)
- nervousness
- church

Church is the only J-Naus that actually produces results. I think it has to do with the crowded area, standing alot, and the events of Saturday evening that fall onto Sunday morning. That stuff, or it's a natural exorcism of all my evils. Either way, I've had to excuse myself more than once (by excuse I mean haul ass to the back of the church to kneel to my Lord and present to him my gifts)...

Nervousness is a doozie too since this often means I'm doing something important like giving a speech. When I was the keynote at graduation I was walking down the procession line and blacking out and holding back the J-Naus and I grabbed a water bottle from a lady sitting and chugged it to bring myself to. Could you imagine?! What if I had thrown up or collapsed in front of my graduating class, professors, parents, deans... good god, that would have been it.

So basically, I am a pro at recognizing the fatal signs and correcting for them. If I am standing in front of people and feel it, I pretend to tie my shoe (even if there's no laces) so the blood can return to my stupid ass head. On the jerky bus, i press my face against the cold window and stare at my hand. Hahaha this is so funny, I crack myself up. Why do I find myself in these problems? I know it's all psychosomatic, I'm an anxiety explosion.

So anyway I just thought to blog about this as I was dry heaving after jamming my finger this morning.

Hey thanks for participating in my poll... I did NOT pull out of the market, although I tried. I was a breath away from withdrawing everything but I couldn't figure out the website. Then the next day I went up $1000. YYYEeeeeaaaa boiiii.

Halloween is coming, I can't wait. Here's a spooky ghoul to get you in the mood:


Lauren said...

Last week you told me you got J-naus when you stubbed your toe. Now a finger jam??

Ps thanks, now everyone in my lab knows im not working because i just busted out laughing at that ghoul picture

TakeWrning said...

same thing used to happen to me! I don't like to go to concerts cause I feel gross. And I'll stick my hands out the window when riding in a car to cool off.
Found out that the main cause was probably from the progesteron in BC. much better now (except after a night of drinking, but sometimes you gotta pay to play!)

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