Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ebony and Ivory

Big debate tonight, the final clash of ebony and ivory. As a young liberal, I'm looking forward to seeing some polarized debate over domestic issues. I think my readers will agree that till we have fixed income and families, the most pressing issues that concern us are generally of the domestic variety. I don't know if this is the definition of stubborn or if others agree, but it seems like some of these issues have a clear solution, I don't even see a need to debate.

If Sarah Palin states that we don't want to live in some big-brother government telling us what to do and not do (as she did in the vice presidential debate) how can she be PRO-LIFE?! As I see it, that's exactly what this stance says, "You will follow this rule with no exceptions." And teaching abstinence only education is simply ludacris to me. While you're at it why don't you cut out evolution, too. After all, the more uneducated we make our children, the more likely they'll be to turn Republican at 18.

Both sides have been clearly open about their opinions on gay marriage. Both are against. We need to get over this gay-straight thing.

I was driving through rural Pittsburgh this weekend on my way to a pumpkin patch and I saw a ton of signs that said, "Democrats for McCain". They could have saved some money on printing if they just wrote, "Racists", cause that's all that means.

I don't even love Obama, he's good, he speaks wonderfully and has an amazing presence, but I'm not completely sold. The point is I am just incredibly against this particular Republican campaign. In my book, they are doing everything wrong. Basing a whole campaign on character is ok if you're running for Miss Alaska, but not the US EXECUTIVE BRANCH! Where's the versatility? They have outwardly stated that they didn't want to hold a campaign based on economics because it's not McCain's strong point. Does this mean if he wins the presidency, he isn't going to address the economic issues?

I made a picture, hehe...


Dallas said...

Well put, and always, a deftly appropriate picture.

I wish I could be the moderator at one of the debates, but instead of moderate, I wish that I could call them out when they say stupid things, like Palin does. Wouldnt that be an interesting debate.

Mojangles said...

would pay to see that debate

Camilo said...

I second that. What annoys me about their campaigns are the commercials. Everything is about how the other guy is bad instead of what he is going to do for the country. Though, Obama is not as bad as McCain in this.

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