Friday, October 3, 2008

New look, Same great taste

OH SNAP! Look who remembers how to HTML code!

The theme of my week has been, "Pimp that ---" where the "---" can be substituted with MacBook Pro, Blog, even math homework. For my Mac, I have DEF taken it to another level. New software, new background, more organized and faster (and of course, all changes were 100% legal). Obviously my blog has been pimped. Maybe a little too much, I may need to tone it down a bit. And well, my math homework has been pimped because I decided to write as nicely and largely as possible to defer the grader from realizing that no problem is technically done.

Weekend holds alot of work in store. Gotta pimp the house, pimp the NSF grant, and force myself to stop using "pimp".

Till next time...

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