Monday, November 10, 2008

Wasted (Time and Money, not Alcohol)

How much time have I wasted waiting for busses? I mean mathematically it's a challenging question:

If I wait on average 10 minutes/day for a bus (54C) or shuttle to the Biotech center that comes to about an hour a week. And if I am in school for 30 weeks out of the year, I mean good god, that's more than a day I have been waiting around twiddling my thumbs. I suppose it's better than the time I would waste walking everywhere, but at least I'd be working out or enjoying scenery. While standing and waiting, I'm literally doing NOTHING, even my thinking is stupid cause I am distracted by things like birds or near car wrecks.

But if I try to multi-task (by blogging, like I am now) I most likely miss the bus and the process is dragged on.

Similarly, how much money have I wasted on parking tickets? See, when I end up missing said busses or shuttles, I usually resort to driving which commonly ends in some sort of ticket. Any of the following which I have memorized due to frequent occurences:

$11 illegal meter parking in Friendship (x3/year)
$25 illegal meter parking in Oakland (x100s/year)
$15 street cleaning in Oakland (x20/year)
$8 all day parking in O'hara garage (x2/year)

All of these added to the $168 and $21 I paid for a Biotech center parking pass and H-area permit zone, respectively. The math is mind blowing.

I'm not going to eat this week to make up for all this lost time and money. I do plan on continuing to drive to school, wait for busses, and drink, so the balance will still end in the red.

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