Thursday, April 7, 2011

What to do about the to-do

How do you accomplish things? Like a lot of things, that are important, and due on deadlines. Do you make TO-DO lists? I do, I can cross off blog for today, so that's a start. Do you multi-task? Do you feel like you give adequate attention to tasks that are rushed? Haste makes waste, ya know. I have been thinking this over for a couple weeks since I am juggling a hell of a lot right now. I've got my research, which I am trying to propose my thesis by the end of summer... stress. My "part-time" job at the hospital which I have been putting in like 25 hour weeks with overnights... insomnia. Then there's the cavalcade of side projects I get myself into... not necessary. Oh, and I am moving... sore. So I am in need of the most efficient mode of task management and processing. Here are some failed attempts.

We'll call this process the coffee pot, it's when I get barraged with things to stress over and I process them at a slow drip, but even after I feel like I covered it all, there's still this chunk of grounds in my head like I missed something, like I could soak more juice out.

Then there's the three's company approach where I will try to blend two seemingly dissimilar to-dos together in attempt to "kill two birds with one stone" (I should have called this approach that, oh well, I like John Ritter). THE PROBLEM with this technique is that the bigger you make a task, the more you have to do to accomplish it. Case and point: I was finishing my statistics final last year (task A) and working at the hospital (task B) and one of the CT doctors asked how much time I spend on statistics. "A significant amount", I retorted. Wham, bam, 3 months later I am in a statistics collaboration with him and his researchers that I have had to put countless hours into. Still haven't crossed that one off the old list. Oh, well I did hand in my final, so whatever, you get the point.

Blogging is an incredible waste of time. I have a ton of stuff to do. Just wanted to chat. Let me know what's worked/failed for you go-getters.

Nice socks.

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