Friday, April 29, 2011


I rarely toot my own horn. Especially regarding this whole science thing that I preoccupy my time with. But I just got word this week that 2 manuscripts I have co-authored were accepted for publication.

One in the Journal of Applied Physiology - I revised a mathematical model for determining strain energy of blood vessels.

The other in the Journal for the American Thoracic Society - I ran some statistics for a cardiothoracic surgeon working with pediatric heart disease.

Things are looking up. Haney, JL coming at ya.

Sorry that was stuffy as all get out. I'm still no where near as accomplished as this guy:

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Annamae said...

I will be needing copies of those publications. I need to put them behind your grad pic so I can be inspired while lazily watching TV. Okay, I know you are going to achieve far greater than I at a progressively younger age...but you haven't yet. AND, I have some serious ideas of one or two more articles before I retire. Beware though, after I retire I will have lots more time to write...sharpen your pencil Bumble Bee!!

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