Sunday, April 4, 2010

Garden Project: Phase 1

I realize this is probably not the most interesting or witty of my posts - but I have found a passion... And it is in the form of a small 6'x6' plot of dirt. After taking my gardening class and committing myself to create life (botanically speaking) I sought out on a summer-long journey into horticultury.

The canvas: my new backyard. More specifically the plot of grass where a shed used to sit before we owned the house.

The challenge: create a vegetable garden.

Phase 1 - Transform the grass-covered plot into a fertile nursery for my babies (ie. crops) to thrive.

It took 2 days (about 5 hours which converts to a 6 pack of Lionshead), using a weeding tool no larger than a fork and Craig, who has a surprisingly green thumb, to complete Phase 1. Please enjoy the accompanying photos and get psyched for Phase 2 when we travel to CULTIVATION NATION!

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Annamae said...

Garden Tip: "learned the hard way by AA"- Whenever you want to dig or weed, wait until after it rains...Can't wait? Use the hose, drench the area and wait about an hour. The ground is much more compliant... Maybe I should hose my students...

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