Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cultivate your mind and the rest will follow

Apologies for the cheesy title. I'm getting bored with creating witty blog titles.

I LOVE MY GARDEN! There isn't any life in it yet, hell there's not even any seeds. But what there is - is topsoil and cow dung! Hooray! This completes Phase 2 of the summer garden extravaganza. Yesterday I turned over all of the soil (which was hard and gross looking and contained logs for some reason). I used a technique that I learned in my gardening class called double digging. Basically, you dig out a 1'x1' tunnel and move the dirt somewhere outside of the plot, but save it for later. Then you add topsoil into the hole. Next you dig out another tunnel right next to the first tunnel and use the new displaced soil to fill the first tunnel. Get it?!? And it goes on until you only have one tunnel at the other end of you garden and then you use the soil you set aside in the beginning to fill that hole. It was painful. My back, arms, and abs are killing me!

Then Ann came over and was my little helper. We poured topsoil and cow manure on top of everything and then just cultivated for about an hour: breaking up big clumps, moving everything around. Finally we installed a snazzy little brick perimeter. and Voila!! Craig and I now have a garden plot ready to go!

Peas are going in tonite. And I will start my seedlings for tomatos and peppers and some other stuff.

Double Digging

Finished Project!


Meg-a Bites said...

Garden looks awesome, Jame! Much more garden-like than last time I saw it :)

Camilo said...

I wish I had a place that let me have a garden. There are lots of herbs and vegetables that I would like to grow.

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