Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is your brain

I am young, I don't do drugs, I am pursuing an intellectually demanding career in biomedical engineering, I have no history of mental illness, I have smart friends, I've never had head trauma... so why the hell is my brain so dumb?

It's not like one event happened that made me realize my brain is dull, but everyday I notice a little fuzziness of thought - and it wasn't like that before. Man, in my prime (ya know when I was like 20 or 21, not the ancient 23 I am now) I was such a smart little whip. Answering questions in class, challenging philosophical systems, reading science for leisure. The closest thing I've done to science lately is bought a Ford Fusion...

Research is slow, slow, slow and I think its slowing my brain down. I haven't donned latex gloves in over 3 months! Plus I find myself doing stupid stuff - today I wanted to mail a letter at work and instead of putting it in the mail slot, I put it in the dumpster next to the mailbox. Stupid.

So I have identified my issue - dullness of a once witty brain. And unlike other schmucks who are okay with letting the dullness ride, I took a proactive defensive route. Over the past month I have engaged myself in brain-builders. Nothing related to science, of course, let's build up to that. I took a cooking class, a gardening class, and ceramics classes. LOVED THEM! Starting my garden will take a lot of brain strength - I'll have to plan out what veggies go where, how to keep pests out, and most importantly how to make room for cornhole.

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