Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Movie Star

You guys will enjoy this one. It's Tuesday night of finals week meaning, anything and everything is a distraction from my studying/presentation practicing. And today is the freaking bane of my scholarly existence:

First, a Woot Off! It's all junk but what do I care, it gives me a reason to refresh my browser every 90 seconds. And my last woot purchased arrived today, a lovely Samurai tee shirt, hot.

Second, I get this email from some Student Health 101 magazine that's running a competition for $50 prize to whoever films a 1-2 minute clip explaining some helpful tips in the areas of studying, time management, stress, etc. Welp - it took less than a blink for me to have Photo Booth open and get to filming.

For your viewing pleasure:

Oh yea, and I lied about being a senior, it made me feel like a loser to say "I'm a graduate student"


Craig said...

I love how your video is about time management, which is preceded by your attempts at avoiding finals studying haha

KB said...

good video jamie, made me want to go back to school to try out some of the tips!

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