Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deep Brain Stimulation

I got J-Naus today when my iPod earbuds conducted a raging current of winter shock electricity through my ears and into my prefrontal lobe. I hate static cling and getting shocked, it's one of the worst things about being an organic species. This jolt, however, did shock me into a great idea for today's blog. No that's not true, but it did cure my stutter and turn my eyes pink.

Also not true, but let's just move on. There's this squirrel that loiters outside of my lab building everyday. It's the weirdest effing squirrel I've ever seen. Ya know how when you try to pet squirrels or tickle their bellies they usually run away? What you don't try to rub their bellies? Well this squirrel must be rabid because it is seriously not people shy at all. One day I was trying to leave and it wouldn't let me because every time I tried to open the door it would try to run in. I didn't know what to do becuase this went on for like 20 minutes. I was stuck, I couldn't let a rodent into a sterile science research facility (although, I'm sure he could have been put to good use). So I took a picture:

So what do I do? I mean, right? I was stuck! And I was scared! This squirrel had an agenda. Well the anticlimax is that he left and I exited, and well, that's that, but it could have been MUCH worse.

Today's reason why engineers are annoying:
"Oh we love computers, we are so computer smart, we can solve any computing problem in the whole worrrllllddd" Hm, really, Engineer? Then how come there's a line 12 people deep waiting for a PC in the computer lab when there are 3 rows of Macs available?

Macs and hot chicks must be linked in the nervous system since both scare the poop outta engineers.

Over and out ;-)

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Christopher E. Withers said...

Greetings Jamie Neutron, as an avid fan I thought I'd leave some comments for your general interest/edification.

1. regarding the squirrel, I talked to the lady at the desk about it. She claims she trained it, and that it is the second generation of squirrels to be trained at the Bioengineering Center by her (and her friend) just go around lunch time, you will see them feeding it. It's weird and a little creepy.

2. I have often wondered about the idiocy of the long line at Benedum when no one uses the Macs. One reason is that Engineers aren't the only ones using the lab, they work there along with nursing students and other people on that section of the hill who randomly pop in. I think it's the same old crowd that contributes to that problem on the rest of campus.

Interesting, informative, and ever inspiring- nice work.


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