Monday, December 15, 2008

The day the earth stood still...

So yay, happy 30th blog post to me today! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first blog - talking about nonsense and complaining about the Pittsburgh recycling system. Thank you to my loyal readers, who may or may not even exist.

Another point of congratulations falls on my unyielding pursuit of small amounts of free money... MY MOVIE WON!! They actually bought that I was a serious student who cared about time management and have sent a check for $50 to my estate. I rock.

And speaking of rock...

My post-finals life has been swallowed by the phenomenon of Rock Band 2. On an impromptu trip to Best Buy to purchase a router for his parents, Craig and I came to the rationale that we love each other very much and therefore would spend upwards of $80 on each other for Christmas and what better way than the gift of music?! So we bought it on the spot, took it home, plugged in and BLEW THE NEIGHBORHOOD AWAY.

There's 3 instruments and only 2 of us so he plays drums and I rock lead guitar and vocals (with frequent switching it up, of course). My body aches now though, my eyes are blood shot from following the lyrics and the guitar chords simultaneously. I have a headache and my throat is killing me. Mucho respect for David Lee Roth, I don't know how he does it.

Anyway, our band is called GrossFriendz and the drummer, Calmandu, is dating the lead singer, Lee Pawnee, who is actually sleeping with the guitarist, Jittney Cobb, on the side. Sexy.

Come over and Battle of the Bands with us!!!


Christy said...

Rock Band!! I'm coming over sometime this week :)

Camilo said...

Playing one instrument (via guitar hero 3) strains my eyes enough. I can't imagine trying to follow two at once.

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