Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pittsburgh: City of Champions

God bless this city, ya know? And not for our technology, sports, or medicine... no, God bless the freaking weirdos I get to see on a daily basis.

I swear I'm on a candid camera show right now. This large black woman rolls into Caribou coffee, sits at a 2 person table with this poor sorority girl who's working on her Econ homework that's probably taken her a week and a half. SHE LIGHTS UP A CIGARETTE (I kid you not), catches on to the inappropriateness and heads outside. When she returns she asks this other girl where she got her boots cause they're "kick" (whatever that means). Then she shouts, "u think they have 'dose in a 14?" haha, love it. The girls all awkward and says, "I'm sure they do".

She's gone now :-(

Back to work.

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