Monday, October 26, 2009

Not helpful...

So I am realizing that many times when people are trying to be helpful, they turn out to be a big pain in the ass. And you can't blame them, but really it's just annoying. I do it all the time - try to be nice and fail, this is what I realized today.

I am always in the habit of holding the door for people. They don't need to be old, or handicapped, or right behind me - basically, if they are human and in my periphery, I hold the door. So today I realized how rude I am for doing this. People like their own pace... say, for example, it's a Monday, start of a week, you have your coffee and bagel and you are casually walking into work. But, oh crap, here's some ass 50 yards ahead holding the door. Better run! Better spill your coffee and get schmear on your hand just so this person feels like they are helping! Not helpful.

I find it very nice to allow pedestrians the right of way. I try to do this every opportunity I get. But guess what, not helpful. Scenario: you are walking from class or work or what have you and you are about to cross a 4 lane street. Oh how nice, this freckle-faced girl in her car is waving for you to pass in front of her. Better get to walking! Oh whoops, looks like the other cars didn't share this girl's same thought and you are now dodging vehicles in the middle of the road. Whoops! Not helpful.

Do the right thing. Just look out for #1.

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