Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad day for parking

I just couldn't get it right today. I left my house at 9:20 am to get to work to catch the 9:45 shuttle up to campus. Traffic was unavoidable and I was heading down Bates, crossing the street to my building at 9:40 when who comes barreling past me headed up the hill, but the 40A. Ya know, eff that driver. He leaves early from that stop everyday and it really sucks.

So I pull a 4-lane U-ey and basically trail him all the way back to campus. Of course there was no meter parking to be found so I had to park in the garage which cost 8 bucks. So freaking stupid.

I leave campus at like 1:30 to see some apartments and that was fun (more on the apartment situation later) and I parked my car outside my house by a meter. I put a quarter in and it only gave me 8 minutes when its supposed to give me 30. So I put another couple quarters in and left a note that the stupid meter is ripping me off. Welp, asshole parking police gave me a ticket (and took the note). The ticket was $11, bringing me to a $20 day of parking. What a waste.

The mousepad on my mac hasn't been working at all, it just like freezes, so I took my computer into the apple store and, of course, when I'm telling the trendy mac employee what my problem is, the mouse works good as the day I bought it. Typical. So he very "genius"-ly runs an update on my computer and basically tells me to get the hell outta there. Whatever, it's working now so I can't complain.

So all in all, it was a weird day. And work and money are stressing me out so I'm just so-so. Here's a video to remind me of better days (and show Beyonce what's up).

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