Thursday, June 18, 2009

Live Above the Influence

Hi all, I don't know where my blog is going these days. Without sounding too much like a comb-over wearing, eyeliner coated, razor-toating Emo, I must say I feel like I have lost some direction :-/

Not with life, or school, or mah man (the important things) but with my essence. Haha, "what the hell is your essence?", you ask? I would define it as the driving force behind my interests, the endeavors I take on, the reasons for the choices I make. Lately I have had the feeling that every single thing I am involved in (outside the importants, of course) is entirely under someone's influence. Yes, I am under the influence... BIG TIME. And my philosophical struggle here stems from me wondering, "is this a bad thing?" and furthermore, "is it even avoidable?"

Let me give you some examples:
- I'm training for a triathlon. Wow cool huh? Well see, I decided to do it after I became impressed with my friends who ran the Pittsburgh marathon. And while I already ran, biked, and swam regularly, I never actually thought of racing until they inspired me. So now I feel less than original on the athletics front. And as part of all this training, I bought a new bike and am starting to get really into cycling. Too bad Craig's been cycling for years and everytime I make a choice regarding my new cycling lifestyle I realize he's already done that too, and that's most likely where I got the idea....

- 90% of the songs on my iTunes were recommended to me by Craig, my brother, music blogs, or Spin magazine. And I know that that's typically how music trends spread but maybe I should be more actively involved in the stuff I enjoy - like learn the band's history or maybe see more shows instead of just taking someone else's word for it? Oh, and the other 10% is showtunes - and that I can't really blame on anyone but myself.

- I like buying handmade goods for like jewelry or home stuff so naturally now I want to start crafting

- I even started this blog cause my other friends were!

So I ask you, is this the natural progression? To influence and be influenced in return? If it is, why do I feel so lame about myself?? Maybe it's all the indie music...

Other people are guilty of it too. Definitely. Yesterday I was looking at art from one of the coolest graffiti artists, Banksy (who I got into from Craig, of course), and my awesome google engine suggested I may also like Blek le Rat who was a graffiti artist 20 years before Banksy! Their work is nearly identical. They both even focus on rats to portray urban animals. Banksy has even said, "everytime I think I've done something original I find out the Blek le Rat did it 20 years ago"

Can you tell the difference?

First one's Banksy, second is le Rat.

So maybe imitating is only bad if you do it intentionally? But I doubt that cause when I tell people about things I like, I tell them because I really do want them to get into it and enjoy it as much as I do! So where is the line, when are we being open-minded and when are we conforming?

So so deep.

Also, why does Hollywood keep remaking movies and TV shows?? Where's the creativity there?? Indiana Jones, Rocky, King Kong, 90210, Melrose Place, Silence of the Lambs, Footloose...

This isn't a rant so much as just the beginning of a search for personal assurance that I'm not a poser in a world where everything's been done already. Thoughts??

I added some new jams, I don't blame you if you don't listen to them though for fear you are being influenced by me ;-)

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TakeWrning said...

I think that there are just so many cool and fun things out there, it's hard to create your own unique opinion and stand out from everyone. (and when you do, you feel like your a teenager trying to rebel)

Like,I love to rockclimb, but all of my climbing friends moved away, so now biking is super fun.

Butttttt, you can chauch should sign up for
it seems ridiculous and pretty incomprehensible to do, but we could head back to MD for a few days, but stay in the Uncle's mansion. Ummm, hot tub.... Now THATS a good time...

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